Saturday, October 30, 2010

Want a nice Halloween wine? Why not the '09 Malbec from Alamos vineyard?

There is much talk during the fall about wines for Thanksgiving and of course the end of the year holidays like Christmas; why then is there no talk of Halloween wines?  Halloween has evolved into a holiday embraced by adults in recent decades (probably as a result of backlash from more wholesome holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas-possibly as a result of the contemporary adult tendencies in society to try on different identities and/or role play). In any event, we just got a great  09 Malbec from the Alamos vineyard which conjures up all the dark, melancholy sexuality of a great vampire film.   There are a lot of great, underrated vampire films that this would pair well with; our pick?  The 1994 film Nadja which re-imagined Dracula as the patriarch of a dysfunctional family whose daughter, Nadja, was a Euro-hipster making her way through lower Manhattan...

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