Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mark and Lynn face temptation at The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn...

Lynn and I were sort of waning at the end of a long day in Brooklyn when we ducked into The Chocolate Room on 5th Avenue in Park Slope.  We were immediately comforted as the creeping early evening darkness, tired feet and a chill in the air had dampened our resolve;  the place was warm, cozy, elegant and unpretentious.  A sweet young employee steered Lynn to two great small bite of chocolate ( white chocolate with raspberry mousse, dark chocolate with pumpkin mousse) that bolstered Lynn's spirits immeasurably.  The interior was so elegant we were tempted to stay and get our second wind, fortunately, our self awareness kicked in and we got out knowing if we stopped there our chances of leaving in the short run were not great...

M& L

The Chocolate Room
86 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Our phone number: (718) 783-2900
Our fax number: (718) 783-3939

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