Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mark and Lynn think Brooklyn's Bark is as good as it's ...

Lynn and I were in Brooklyn for a comic book convention this past Sunday and we got the chance to check out a great, high end hot dog restaraunt in Brooklyn called Bark.  By high end we mean that the place has wonderful hot dogs with familiar toppings with unusual backstories; oak barrel aged sauerkraut, braised bacon from Wisconsin; meat from Hartmann's Old World Sausage; cheese from Grafton, Vermont and so on.

The interior uses reclaimed pine on the walls as well as on the communal dining tables;  diners are encouraged to recycle and compost as part of the experience (seperate bins near the exit make this easy).  Bark also uses green power from Con Ed; environmentally friendly cleaning products from Ecologic Solutions from Brooklyn and so on.  This kind of thing doesn't impress us so much (we are in Brooklyn after all).  The hot dogs, however were the best we have ever had; Lynn's in particular was heavenly (actually, a veggie dog) with toasted pumpkin seeds, butternut squash and kale vinagrette.  As with a lot of things in the area there are a couple of nods to adults;  mainly in the form of a nice beer and wine menu.

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