Monday, December 13, 2010

James in Brooklyn is Mark and Lynn's latest favorite place...

Lynn and I went into Brooklyn yet again this Sunday to see the Mark Morris re-imagining of the Nutcracker Suite which was entitled The Hard Nut.  Prior to this, we were fortunate to have some time for a casual brunch at the Brooklyn restaurant James.  This experience rates as one of our most memorable dining experiences of the year.  For one, the place had the best and most creative drinks we have ever sampled and, by extension, the best bartender we have ever had the good luck to cross paths with; a tall gentlemen named Brendan with a Civil War General's beard and a sure touch with a cocktail shaker. 

The food was also out of this world; particularly the Duck Sausage (that Lynn had as part of her meal) which had the great flavor of pork sausage without the heaviness associated with more traditional types of sausage.  I had two heaping platters of  Malpeque Oysters (with Bloody Mary Hot Sauce)  which had a great combination of sweetness and brine; but I was also tempted by other items on the menu like the Steak and Eggs with Choron sauce as well as the Lemon Ricotta pancakes. 

Our waitress with an odd tattoo of a circle with a slash through it was charming and warm which helped us feel particularly great as the weather was horrid outside.  Lynn and I eat at a lot of places that are great but would not necessarily seek out again; this is not one of those places...

605 Carlton Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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