Sunday, December 19, 2010

Need a Holiday gift for the Don Draper (Roger Sterling) in your life? How about the Four Seasons Book of Cocktails?

A warm, elegant book The Four Seasons Book of Cocktails (Sterling) has a two fold mission one to enable the home mixologist to replicate some of the sophisticated cocktails found at the venerable Four Seasons and second, and more interesting, to apparently act as a kind of primer to building a first rate home bar and gathering techniques to make a great drink.  There is talk about some of the fundamentals of making a great cocktail like what kind of ice to use (cubed-crushed ice can dilute the drink's potency), but there are also fascinating tips about how to "float" and "layer" drinks such as a pousse-cafes style drinks.

The Four Seasons Book here has a crisp, easy to access layout in the interior and a sharp looking exterior that makes it look as handsome as the picture of the Four Seasons inside.  Very cool and easy to imagine on the bookshelf of Don Draper's office (or more likely Roger Sterling)...

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