Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lynn loves Amanda Oakleaf's cupcakes in Winthrop, Massachusetts

Jackson enjoying the Happy Birthday cupcake...
Like ancient Diogenes in perpetual search of a decent human being, Lynn is in perpetual search of a great cupcake.  On our recent trip to Winthrop, Massachusetts (again with Winthrop!) she may have found it at Amanda Oakleaf Cakes.  The storefront has a light hearted elegance that reminded me of some of the fanicful sets on the film Funny Face which seems appropriate considering the creative pedigree of many of the staff at AOC.  Ms. Oakleaf herself is a formally trained painter having studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  The business has grown considerably in a short amount of town having started out in Ms. Oakleaf's. Boston apartment.  Indeed, Ms. Oakleaf has gained considerable media attention most notably having recently been a competitor on the Food Network Cake Challenge.  

In any event, Lynn felt the rasberry almond cupcake was a swirl of creamy, slightly sweatend pale pink frosting on top of a crumbly almond cake.  Our grandson Jackson went for the "Happy Birthday" cupcake which was a classic vanilla swirled frosting with colorful sprinkles scattered on top. 

The cupcake salon also had a refrigerator full of chilled delights like the cupcake sized creamsicle cheesecake which had the great summer taste of a classic popsicle. 

Mainly though, Lynn was impressed by how AOC didn't oversweeten the cupcakes.  And, again, the space is really elegant with displays of wedding and specialty cakes which had us on our tiptoes pointing in delight to this one and that one....

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