Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mark and Lynn spend Sunday morning at the Green Door General Store in Hampton Bays

Lynn and I got to Westhampton beach on Sunday but we were a little burned out on the fried calamari at the Beach Huts so we took a slight detour to Hampton Bays' venerable Green Door General Store and Cafe.  The place is several different things (farm stand, PX)  but Lynn and I go there for the food and the unbelievable warm, family oriented service.  Justine, the lovely daughter of the owner greeted us warmly, remembered what we ordered over a year ago and was patient with us as we debated whether we should go or stay.  Lynn basically got a lobster roll as a salad and I got great, meaty crab cakes on a salad.  The flavor of both was perfect and it subdued our considerable hunger after a late night party I had with my fellow Martial Arts practitioners. The food is great, but the charming, mostly very young staff are what give the place it's aura of effortless competence.Naturally, we will be back...

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