Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mark and Lynn take note of the apparent M. Wells backlash...

Lynn and I ate at the much reviewed, much written about M. Wells in Long Island City  in May.  This restaurant has gotten some of the best reviews of any recently opened American restaurant and more attention than nearly any restaurant in memory.  Partly as a result of this I found the recent article by GQ food critic Alan Richman interesting as he had a really catastrophic experience with not only the restaurant but the operators and staff as well.  Lynn and I had a mixed experience being there but the food made up for much of the fractiousness of the hostess and some of the staff.  This seems to be potentially a kind of corrective to the fawning reviews the place has gotten in the last year or so. We will see if this affects the restaurant in the long run or if it is merely a blip on the radar soon to be forgotten.

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