Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bellport Liquors bring the fine wines of Raphael Vineyards to Mark and Lynn's backyard...

When Lynn and I moved to Long Island the local liquor store Bellport Liquors was a reliable and nearby place to get basic, Waspy spirits like Gordon's Gin, Smirnoff and so on; good stuff to be sure but nothing to get too excited about.  Flash forward 10 year later and Bellport Liquors  has slowly become a favorite of ours due to their increasingly interesting and thoughtful selections of wine and spirits, cordial, familiar service (with great and friendly proprietors Maura and Mike Kuehl);  but most of all for the fact that they have consistently interesting wine tastings.  Most recently, we were able to attend a tasting of wines from the Raphael Vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island in Peconic, NY.  We had visited the vineyard years ago and quite frankly had no particular remembrance of the place or the wines.  However, the wines we sampled last Saturday at Bellport Liquors were quite impressive.  The reds in particular were solid (impressive since our experience with LI reds is a mixed bag) with the Cabarnet Franc (great finish, confident feeling and juicy) being a particularly impressive offering.  We feel lucky to have such an interesting liquor store in our midst where we can sample interesting spirits and wine just around the corner...

Bellport Liquors
P: 631.286.3106
129 Main St
BellportNY 11713

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