Monday, January 2, 2012

Mark and Lynn take a sip of Redbreast Irish Whiskey

We happened to run into our good friend and Painter's bartender Kevin Moot who recommended Redbreast Irish Whiskey which he has apparently discovered in his explorations of the nightlife of Gotham.  We love Powers, Jameson's and Paddy's and had visited some distilleries when we visited Ireland in '09 but this seems to be another level of Irish Whiskey as it is produced through the "pure pot still method" which basically means that the spirit is produced purely from a pot still and is not blended with other whiskeys or neutral grain spirits.  It is also the only Irish Whiskey with an age designation (most typically 12 year blends which we got).

In any event, it had a more sophisticated  feel than some of our old faves and seemed, for some reason, closer to a scotch than a typical Irish Whiskey (the flavors seemed more pronounced and intense than the leisurely Paddy's, Jameson's and so on).  Seemingly, a great sipping whiskey to be enjoyed on special occasions and on occasions when one want to impress...

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