Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Todd English's Figs is great but about the music....

Our experience at Todd English's Figs in Charlestown, Massachusetts was one of the most schizophenic we have had of late.  First off, it was slightly more casual than we thought it might be and the menu more relaxed than we might have thought (beer and wine for instance but no cocktails).  Pizza is the star here and my daughter Kristina got a great pie with proscutto, fig and goat cheese.  It was huge, but with a thin crust and an interesting smoky flavor due to the figs.  My son in law had pasta bolognase which, to everyone's surprise, was the favorite of the many dishes we sampled that night.  I had a nice calamari with lemon aoli which was good but not really memorable.

Now for the schizophrenic part; the wait staff was wonderful with a graceful manner in close quarters; however,  the music that was playing the night we were there was the most common type of top 40 music and it was blasting!  It was enough to ruin our whole experience as it was both too loud and seemed particularly ill-suited to the atmosphere otherwise.  If the music was just ok  it would have been a completely pleasant experience, as it was it was merely ok.  We will likely give it another go, but in the meantime I hope that they re-think the music...

67 Main Street
Charlestowne, MA
P: 617-242-2229

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