Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bedford Cheese in Williamsburg brings a curator's touch to cheese...

Lynn and I ducked into the Bedford Cheese shop in the Williamsburg part of Brooklyn last week which was lucky for us since it was the best cheese purveyor that we had seen since we had been to Montreal.  It was a crowded Sunday so we did not have the benefit of being able to casually check out the (seemingly) thousands of thoughtfully curated cheeses.  We did zero in on a supremely exotic cheese in the blue cheese spectrum called Gorgonzola Cremisicato which was displayed on one of the store counters and seemed to be melting like ice cream.  Apparently, this cheese is enriched with heavy cream which helps explain the soft texture and sweet flavoring.  We got it and noted that it would be a great alternative dessert to serve at a party and would be great with a flavorful wine or port.

The store's associate who helped us was a sweet natured young woman with avant garde glasses and a few discreet tattoos.  This place in on our list for another visit where we hopefully will be able to have a more casual experience...

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