Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mark and Lynn believe Charles Smith Wines are touched by witchcraft...

We rarely pay more than 10.00 for a bottle of wine in most liquor stores on Long Island and when we go to Trader Joe's in Boston we load up on "Two Buck Chuck" (really "Three Buck Chuck" these days).  And, truth be told there are many very good wines in the 10.00 range (Smoking Loon, Rex Goliath, Toasted Head and so on) and we are serious wine drinkers so it behooves us to find good wines with favorable price points.  However, when we want to treat ourselves we go to Down the Rabbit Hole where we are more than willing to push our limits price wise since the wines there are so thoughtfully curated.  Most recently, Lynn and I have been buzzed on Washington State's  Charles Smith wines like the Velvet Devil (which has strong hints of cocoa and goes down like chocolate milk) and Boom Boom Syrah (which is a crowd pleaser with a hint of red velvet cake).  Most of all these wines seem to be touched by witchcraft which is more than enough for us (and the price point is just at 20.00); or, as the iconoclastic Mr. Smith says "It's just booze-drink it."


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