Monday, May 28, 2012

Mark and Lynn find Croteaux Vineyards a good place to get into the summer frame of mind...

Lynn and I had been intrigued by the Croteaux Vineyard in Southold NY for awhile and we finally got around to visiting it recently buyoued by the occassional near summer-like day of late here on Long Island.  Lynn and I like rose, but enjoy it more when it is hot and sunny so that drinking it not only feels right it feels purposeful.

The vineyard is probably the most charming and beautiful that we have seen on Long Island with its European style tasting barn and courtyard with bistro style chairs an outdoor bar and artful touches like a wall composed of empty wine bottles.

Lynn and I tried a flight of six of the vineyard's rose offerings and truth be told only a couple really appealled to us and we probably would have bought only one (the "Sauvage" Merlot Rose which had a full body and a nose that reminded me of Lynn's lingerie drawer).  Still, the staff was very sweet and attractive (Lynn and I got a kick out of  the young exotic looking woman who slinked over to us with our check and swiped our credit card through her I-Pad with elan).  So, we will return and we will concentrate on having our favorite out of the many roses.

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