Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Riverhead Project gets an "A" from Mark and Lynn

Lynn and I had been circling The Riverhead Project for awhile.  As chic and upscale as Lynn is she has a knee jerk suspicion of chic, upscale eateries.  I was more optimistic. The few times we stuck our head in the door people were inviting and friendly and the place was absolutely a beauty.  Finally, we (Lynn) got up the willpower to check this place out.  I had dropped some issues off of a magazine I write for at an upscale fitness studio on main street in Riverhead and we were hungry so...

We were greatly impressed.  Our bartender, Zach, was very cool with his impossibly crisp pink shirt and made me the best Manhattan I think I have had on Long Island (maybe the best anywhere).  Lynn had a stress reducing drink called a Tangerine Blossom whose main ingredient is  Mandrian Blossom Vodka.  As for the food, we managed to have a couple of things that I had always been interested in trying;  a grilled romaine salad and grilled oysters.

Lynn and I tried to take it all in but it was tough since the whole experience was so sensual.   We are looking forward to going back and becoming regulars...

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