Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fish in the West Village hits a comforting, nostalgic note for Mark & Lynn

Lynn and I and family made our way through the West Village and ended our eventful day at Fish which is, as you might imagine,  is a New England style seafood  restaurant with low ceilings, nautical and fishing ephemera and a raffish vibe.  The night we were there we found a rowdy, but mostly friendly Labor Day crowd (oddly, the couple sitting next to us seemed uptight and humorless for some reason, oh well).

We have had a lot of luck with finding good seafood in restaurants and markets but the seafood here was really particularly amazing and some of the best we have had outside of Boston and, Fish was the rare seafood restaurant that we had experiences with a comfort food vibe.  

I have rarely seen grilled calamari on menus on Long Island (or elsewhere for that matter) so it was a great treat to have a very flavorful yet simply prepared version here (too many restaurants weigh calamari down with overpowering sauce).  Lynn had a colorful, flavorful serving of "angels on horseback" which Lynn appreciated as a nostalgic "Mad Men" era appetizer from the cocktail parties of her parents when she was a youth.  

We hit Fish on a Saturday night so it was rocking and rolling.  We imagined that it might be pleasant to go during the week when the pace was not so breakneck as the staff was very accommodating and the bar was welcoming.  

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