Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mark and Lynn experience the HOG'S Feast of Field and Forest....

2012 has not been a happy one for food lover's in Brookhaven, NY.  First, the venerable Wallen Market in Bellport closes, then, last spring Painter's has a fire which does apparently just enough damage to keep it from re-opening quickly and now it appears to be for sale.

So, we were understandably hopeful that the Hamlet Organic Garden's (HOG) Feast of Field and Forest would deliver a positive and festive experience for the community sorely in need of one.

Well, as they say, Mission Accomplished.  The food, generated and prepared by the Lost and Found Pop Up Culinary operation was an embarrassment of riches with a host of locally sourced ingredients/food/drink.  Our favorites?  Honestly, pretty much everything, particularly the locally caught trout, the tofu with birch bar bq sauce and the wines by Anthony Nappa which come from nearby Peconic.

As much as anything, the night felt like a kind of healing ritual after a tough year for foodies in Brookhaven.   Needless to say, we hope the HOG will make these kind of special events a regular part of the fabric of Brookhaven....


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