Thursday, November 15, 2012

jojo's produces top shelf artisan sriracha that reminds Mark of his North Carolina roots...

We had just heard about jojo's sriracha through the Food Curated newsletter that landed in our inbox recently and just today did we get the actual thing which just landed in our mailbox with an elegant well package thud.  We are into sriracha, but our experience with this condiment is mostly limited to the Huy Fong "rooster" sriracha that has become less of a piece of exotica and more of a staple in restaurants and grocery stores.

Roster Sriracha is a staple for us as well, but jojo's was a unique change of pace with an artisan's touch and a  samurai sword sweetness paired with the heat that reminded me of some of the hot/sweetBar BQ sauce from my youth in Eastern North Carolina.  We mixed it into grape seed oil and it made a great turbo charged salad dressing over arugala.  We will keep you updated about our experiences with this unique concoction from perpetually cool Brooklyn....

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