Sunday, March 10, 2013

Del fiore in Patchogue raises the bar for Long Island Pizza Parlors....

Lynn and Sloane's lunch is interrupted by a fire on Main Street Patchogue

As a result in no small part to our visiting grandchildren, Lynn and I have re-discovered a Suffolk County Italian mainstay in Del Fiore Pizza in Patchogue, NY.   The restaurant situated on the town's busy Main Street produces consistent, high quality straightforward pizza joint fare with nice touches of sophistication (a supremely light and flavorful crust on the Meza Meza pie being one example, a beautifully constructed arugla salad being another) and creativity for those seeking more than a standard issue (but delicious) cheese or pepperoni slice.  This along with the house wine being less than 5.00 a glass you have a great, inexpensive place to satisfy youngsters fussy tastes as well as their famished grandparents. 

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