Monday, April 15, 2013

Barrington Coffee in Boston is a civilized outpost for urbane coffee aficionados...

I had just worked out at Peter Welch's gym and my arms and legs felt torched. and my head foggy but somehow clear.  I didn't know what I wanted but I thought a strong coffee might help center me.  I had passed Barrington Coffee on the way to Peter Welch's a couple of times but didn't have the time to check it out.  This Sunday I had the time and again, felt like I could use a jump so I stretched a point and ducked into Barrington's storefront and ordered an Au Lait with Half and Half.  Maybe it was my being punchy but the concoction had a nice combination of bite and sweetness which helped rouse me from my early morning agony.  Lynn and I had gotten coffee around Boston a couple of times with mostly favorable results but few of the places had the civilized ambiance of Barrington's storefront and after my UFC  forged instructor Tom Egan had introduced me to the basics of MMA I suppose something sleek and comforting was a nice switch...

346 Congress Street
Fort Point, Boston, MA 02210

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