Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Best Market in Patchogue makes grocery shopping glamorous again in Brookhaven...

Since  Bellport's late, lamented Wallen's closed in early 2011 Lynn and I have not had much fun shopping for everyday groceries in our Brookhaven neck of the woods.  There is still an IGA in Bellport that does the job in certain respects but ends up being a little depressing with its droopy produce, chemical smell and apathetic cashiers.  What relief to have discovered Best Market in Patchogue!  Great and strange; no magazines or newspapers at the checkout; a creative  beer section; amazing fresh and cheap produce; a great seafood section (rare for grocery stores in our part of Brookhaven); good prices on staples like Boar's Head products; a good meat department; good chocolate...well you get the idea.

Grocery shopping is underrated as a pleasurable activity and Lynn and I really take some pleasure in this activity that many people see as pedestrian.   The concrete floors and retro marketing made us feel like we were shopping with the ghost of Barbara Stanwyck (or maybe Betty Draper).

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