Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Caesar's Pasta raises the bar for everyday Italian Food...

May is Celiac’s Awareness  Month and with more and more people pursuing a gluten free diet either out of necessity and/or out of a health or wellness choice there are more and more 
gluten free opportunities for casual, everyday eating.  One of the pioneering companies to bring gluten free to the everyday routine of the family table is Caesar's Pasta, a third generation pasta company that has raised the bar with regard to providing first rate frozen traditional Italian food to families.

Lynn and I recently had our grandchildren visit and we thought it a good idea to test it out on them.They like pasta and pizza and we have tried to focus on giving them whole wheat organic stuff which they eat without complaint.  We gave them some of the Caesar's Pasta offerings and they ate it up seeming to prefer it to the wheat pasta (they were particularly partial to the Cheese Ravioli). 

Lynn and I liked the offerings very much, particularly the Spinach Gnocchi which would be a great and perfect beach and/or bike picnic staple if it ever gets warm enough on Long Island this season to get on a bike or go to the beach and it is clear that Caesar’s makes a quality everyday product with real care and with a forward thinking outlook.   

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