Monday, May 6, 2013

Mark and Lynn gain further appreciation for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston's Dining Opportunities...

Dueling clefts...

One of the most underrated niches of contemporary dining has been the rise of the Museum Restaurant and Cafe.  We have enjoyed Terrace 5 and Cafe 2 at the MOMA on more than one occasion and we have eaten a couple of times at Bravo at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  and were impressed by the food and wine lists.   This kind of thing only serves to enhance the sensual experience of taking in world class art and on a practical level takes some of the pressure off of getting caught hungry while you are perusing the Mario Testino exhibit.

This time around we tried out fort the first time one of the museum's four dining options: The New American Cafe which is located in the hangar sized courtyard towards the center of the Museum.  The Cafe is a nice combination of casual and fine dining with moderately priced small plates, sandwiches and entrees (most of which are just over 20.00 with Lynn's sweet and savory Parmesan Leek Tart being a mere 16.00).    Despite the modesty of the prices the spectacular setting,  crisp service, quality of the food and short but well curated wine list helped elevate the New American Cafe to the level of a memorable eating experience.

It seems worth mentioning that Lynn and I had a chance to visit the MFA just before the horrific events of the recent Boston Marathon.  In this case what happened helped magnify how important the town of Boston is to us and how important the institutions we love are to us on so many levels.   Our thoughts and prayers are and were with everyone affected by this tragic event.

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