Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mark and Lynn dig An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails...

An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails is a charming book Lynn and I just recieved which should serve us well this summer as it contains many cocktail recipes that are fairly obscure such as The French 75 (main ingredients are gin and champagne); The Corpse Reviver #2 (made with gin, cointrea, Lilet Blanc and absinthe) and The Last Word (made with gin and Chartreuse among other things).  Author Orr Shtuhl gives a historical context to these drinks that is both fascninating and deepens the appreciation of these concoctions (a French 75 was named after a World War I era artilery rifle which packed a punch as well).  Artist Elizabeth Graeber's delightful illustrations only adds to the appeal of this book which we will likely try to work our way through to keep the surprisingly formidable Long Island heat at bay...


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