Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mark and Lynn find Nick's Diner in Wilmington, NC to be Lyna nice place for Lunch

Lynn and her baby boy
Lynn and I ate  an early lunch at Nick's Diner on Front Street on our recent swing through the Port City.  The food was mostly typical diner fare with some variations here and there mainly on the vegan portion of their menu.  We were not in a particularly adventurous mood, however, so I had a steak salad which was good and Lynn had an vegetable omelet that was well crafted.   Our sweet  waitress let one of my glasses of wine be gratis since it was the end of the bottle and only about 3/4 of a glass which needless to say made me quite happy.  Otherwise, her style was crisp and attentive without the awkward over familiarity  that can be jarring in these situations in our experiences in the South.

The set design here is probably the most impressive aspect of the place.  Wilmington restaurant/bar/coffee shop interiors are packed with a lot of local art, much of it either bad or poorly curated (often both). Nick's is one of the few exceptions as the art here trends toward a comic book aesthetic with several over sized pieces that really work in this context and complement the cavernous interior. 
So, we enjoyed Nick's  fare and would certainly go there again.  The interiors are fun, our experience with the food was good, there seems to be a willingness on the part of the chef to experiment with the menu. Our service was efficient and the prices were reasonable. I am interested in some of their vegan dishes which I don't remember seeing in any other restaurants we visited this most recent time.  Typically we visit The Dixie Grill a couple of streets over for this kind of food but our most recent experience there a couple of weeks ago was underwhelming, bordering on bad with a sullen waitress with a vaguely European accent, no A/C and uninspired breakfast/brunch food. Nick's will likely be our alternative to TDG whenever we need a quick, inexpensive and basic breakfast or lunch.

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