Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Square Wine & Spirits help cool Mark and Lynn off in Long Island City....

They Deliver!

Our recent trip to Long Island City is still reverberating with us.  One thing about going toward Manhattan is that you get flashes of things that you want to remember to check out later. So it was with Square Wine and Spirits in Long Island City (there Facebook is here).  We were going to the Sage Genaral Store and were told it was BYOW.  As fortune would have it, literally next door was Square Wine and Spirits.  Besides being literally very cool in the midst of the East Coast Heat Wave, Square Wine and Spirits had a great, cold selection of whites and roses.  The one I picked was called "Alpha Zeta" rose (I didn't save the bottle but I scrawled it in my notebook) which was well under ten dollars and in the 90 plus heat seemed like the best thing we had ever drunk.   Again, a place to file away and re-visit in more comfortable weather.

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