Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mark and Lynn duck into the City Bakery

Lynn and I went into the city recently  so I could take a martial arts class revolving around a fairly obscure martial art called Bartitsu  which inolves, among other things fighting with a cane, that would probably be  truly obscure if not for an offhand mention by one of fiction's greatest creations, Sherlock Holmes.  Anyway, we got into the city about a half an hour before class started so we ducked into The City Bakery where we had a quick espresso, coffee and fruit tart.   The espresso helped focus and steel me for my class and the tart helped Lynn's mood considerably.  We just ran in and out but we observed that the space managed to be both cavernous and intimate with cozy seating and comforting lighting.  So, next time I need a cane fighting lesson we will have our default breakfast place...

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