Thursday, November 7, 2013

Eat Cake's cupcakes has Lynn hooked...

Lynn was somewhat in mourning for the recent move of Cupcake Nirvana Amanda Oakleaf's from Winthrop, Massachusetts (the same town where our family lives) to nearby Boston according to the company's website.  Boston is next to Winthrop but going into a big city is usually a production and this is definitely the case with Boston.  Lynn considered going into Boston to visit Amanda O's but, as is often the case with Lynn, decided to go in a different direction and seek out other artisan cupcake offerings in Massachusetts.  This effort took us into the charming village of  Newburyport which was particularly quiet when we arrived on a rainy mid week to visit Eat Cake

Eat Cake, like it's Boston brethren Oakleaf's is a breakout media cupcake star with cable appearances on the likes of Food Network.  The interior was sleek yet warm with sweet natured, attentive employees. Lynn loved the flavor of EC but what really impressed her was the combination of the crusty outer texture with the buttery filling.  Lynn and I will be back...

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