Friday, November 29, 2013

Mark and Lynn find respite from the maddening holiday crowd at the New American Cafe in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts....

Lynn is in the Orange

There is much to love about the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston: The artful mix of exhibits both traditional (the current John Singer Sargent watercolor show), playful (the current "Hippie Chic"exhibit), awe inspiring (the recent Samurai exhibit)  and edgy (last years Mario Testino exhibit) . We do love these offerings and the museum manages to be major league without seeming overwhelming such as some of the major museums in New York can be, especially around the holidays.

In addition, over the years we have found other reasons to appreciate the MFA which is their dining.  The MFA has three major dining spots to accommodate any palette and temperament.  We have dined at all the venues the MFA has to offer but we keep coming back to the New American Cafe.  There is much there that we love:  It is perfectly integrated into the museum's environment as it is located in the glass enclosed courtyard which helps it feel like you are still very much in the middle of the museum's artworks.  You can have an authentically high end dining experience there without the fuss and price tag associated with traditional high end dining.  At the same time, it is enclosed in such a deft way that the New American Cafe feels like a respite from the quiet hum of the museum's energy without losing the feeling that you are in a major American art venue.  

A soaring Chihuly sculpture stands guard near the New American Cafe

On our recent trip to Boston, Lynn and I took an afternoon to soak up the museums exhibits and collections.  We made a special point of getting a quick bite at the New American Cafe.  We split a fall inspired pizza and had a glass apiece of a crisp table wine from Spain.  It was a typically perfect experience for us at the MFA one which we hope to repeat many times in the near and distant future. 

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