Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mark and Lynn hit the Queens Kickshaw in Astoria and get a great meal and a parking ticket...

Lynn and I were in Astoria earlier this fall and ducked into The Queens Kickshaw after I had a yoga class at the Anthea Yoga Center.  Unlike some of our other pursuits this was pure accident, we were tired of walking and ducked into the first place we thought we might like.  We lucked out as we loved the rustic interiors which looked like re-claimed wood paired artful lighting (a design detail that a lot of restaurants overlook).  It was well past lunchtime and we were tired and hungry so the comforting interior, warm efficient service and inexpensive menu were particularly welcome .  For the sake of my current yoga training I stuck with the Kitchen Sink Salad which was somehow satisfyingly healthy and brawny with savory pickled vegetables helping set it apart from the everyday. .  Lynn had the Manchego and Ricotta Grilled Cheese with pillowy bread and a generous helping of manchego.  The Kickshaw had an innovative beer and cider menu and Lynn I split a very satisfying Belgium beer that unseasonably hot day.  We had such a good time that the 35.00 parking ticket we subsequently found plastered to our windshield couldn't dampen our spirits.

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