Monday, July 28, 2014

Bootleger 21 Vodka takes its place as our summer house vodka

Lynn and I discovered this Roscoe,  New York made vodka, Bootlegger 21 at A Grape Pear wine boutique in Eastport.  It has been a great additiion to our summer bar with a kind of wicked smooth and crisp taste that works particularly well in a vodka martini, tonic or Bloody Mary.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mark and Lynn experiment with Sunny Bang Probiotic Hot Sauce....

We had read about Sunny Bang Private Label Probiotic Hot Sauce a couple of times but had never pursued getting it via mail order and I just kind of forgot about it.  During our visit early this month to Upstate we drove through Kingston and checked in at Fleischers.  Lucky for me, the item was there in the store's fridge with a beautiful orange glow.  Chef Sunny Bang's  fermented sauce (necessitating refrigeration) made from Upstate vinegar, Maine Sea Salt and peppers from Pennsylvania has been a great addition to our fridge and adds a layer of sweet heat to  Chinese food, salads and on anything grilled.   Right now we are experimenting with it as a Bloody Mary ingredient.   Wish us luck.

M & L

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mark and Lynn develop a taste for Charleston Bloody Mary Mix....

We just recently received a couple of bottles of Bold and Spicy  Charleston Bloody Mary Mix.  Lynn and I don't drink a lot of Bloody Mary's not because we don't like them but because the commercial mixes tend to be ordinary at best and junk at worst usually overdoing it with the tomato flavoring.

Not so with Charleston Bloody Mary mix; it had a great authentic taste with real bite and real heat (with offbeat flavors of apple cider vinegar and tarragon) that offset the cool of the vodka.  It was a great treat for us to sit and sip after a long weekend of yard work and listen to our low fi record player.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mark and Lynn spend a couple of hours in New York's Lower East End...

Mark and Lynn find Lower East Side Jardis a dissapointment...

Sour experience at Jardis.  Lynn loved the online menu and photos but the reality was a bummer.  We managed to get seated and that was about it.  Waiters ignored us not even making eye contact.  We left after 10 minutes and went to Freemans which was considerably more accommodating.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chloe Croteaux is summer perfection....

After a year's absence Lynn and I finally made it back to Croteaux Vineyards in Southold on Long Island.   For us, the place is a genuine touchstone for our summer on Long Island and represents a rare combination of rustic, chic and comfort.  The place has evolved and includes some nice artful touches most notably a wall of empty glass Croteaux bottles strung together and swaying in the breeze like a curtain.  

The vineyard's offerings have evolved as well and our new favorite is the Chloe Sauvignon Blanc which has notes of grass and lavender and is a particularly perfect summer wine for us.  Packaging is always something we appreciate and truth be told the Croteaux bottles are elegant and sexy; Lynn comparing them to bespoke lingerie.  


Friday, July 11, 2014

Wicked Joe Coffee keeps Mark and Lynn going in Upstate New York

Our good friend Beth got Wicked Joe Wicked French coffee for us during our recent visit to Upstate, NY.  It was somehow both smooth and intense with a rich and smoky aroma that made us think of pipe tobacco and helped jolt us awake in charming but sleepy Johnstown.   This Maine product is Organic Fair Trade and though we haven't seen it thus far on Long Island we can take solace in the fact it is readily available on the Wicked Joe site.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mark and Lynn go to Fleisher's in Kingston and get a cool t shirt

Lynn and I had a great time in uber hip Kingston, NY during a short stopover on our way to Saratoga last weekend.  We made it to meat mecca Fleishers' but sadly were unable to buy any of their wares except for a bottle of Sunny Bang Probiotic Hot Sauce as we did not have a proper cooler.  I did get a cool Fleisher's T-shirt ("Bacon The Gateway Meat") which I will proudly wear to my yoga classes as riposte to all of the "Vegan" shirts. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mark and Lynn check out Popovers on the Lane in Portsmouth, NH

Lynn and I ventured into New Hampshire (with Jackson and Sloane) and ended up in Portsmouth which Lynn had identified as a nice place to look for stationary and jewelry.  A little bit out of character for her, Lynn did not identify a specific place to have lunch.  Lucky for us, we found Popovers on the Square which was family friendly but sophisticated with an interesting menu and a very competent and friendly wait staff. 

Lynn had the Lobster Salad Stuffed Mini Poppers which had generous amounts f Lobster and nice hints of mayonnaise and lemon juice. I had a smoked salmon salad which was both substantial and cooling in the heat of early summer.  Sloane and Jackson seemed to enjoy dining outside and we all appreciated the people watching, 

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