Monday, July 14, 2014

Chloe Croteaux is summer perfection....

After a year's absence Lynn and I finally made it back to Croteaux Vineyards in Southold on Long Island.   For us, the place is a genuine touchstone for our summer on Long Island and represents a rare combination of rustic, chic and comfort.  The place has evolved and includes some nice artful touches most notably a wall of empty glass Croteaux bottles strung together and swaying in the breeze like a curtain.  

The vineyard's offerings have evolved as well and our new favorite is the Chloe Sauvignon Blanc which has notes of grass and lavender and is a particularly perfect summer wine for us.  Packaging is always something we appreciate and truth be told the Croteaux bottles are elegant and sexy; Lynn comparing them to bespoke lingerie.  


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