Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mark and Lynn check out Popovers on the Lane in Portsmouth, NH

Lynn and I ventured into New Hampshire (with Jackson and Sloane) and ended up in Portsmouth which Lynn had identified as a nice place to look for stationary and jewelry.  A little bit out of character for her, Lynn did not identify a specific place to have lunch.  Lucky for us, we found Popovers on the Square which was family friendly but sophisticated with an interesting menu and a very competent and friendly wait staff. 

Lynn had the Lobster Salad Stuffed Mini Poppers which had generous amounts f Lobster and nice hints of mayonnaise and lemon juice. I had a smoked salmon salad which was both substantial and cooling in the heat of early summer.  Sloane and Jackson seemed to enjoy dining outside and we all appreciated the people watching, 

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