Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jack Rudy Cocktails brings a Southern flavor to Mark and Lynn's Long Island summer...

Lynn and I have had a bit of a Southern flavored summer first experiencing and enjoying the Bloody Mary mix out of Charleston.  Now, we have had the chance to try out some of the offerings of Jack Rudy's brand.  One of our favorites from this (again) Charleston based company has been its sublime small batch tonic.  This offering has been a perfect mix for our vodka and gin tonics (mixed with seltzer-the tonic is a concentrate).  We have also experimented with it by dropping a cap full it into martinis or into a "neat" vodka or gin shot which results in a refreshing jolt of pleasantly bitter orange peel and lemon grass into an otherwise predictable drink.  The Jack Rudy company makes a number of artisinal cocktail offerings and we look forward to trying the entire line before the summer is over.  

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