Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mark and Lynn take Jackson and Sloane to the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport...

Lynn and I enjoy visiting local museums almost as much as we enjoy visiting local eateries.  We were in Southport for a long weekend recently for our son's wedding and even though our time frame was narrow we managed to take our Grandchildren Jackson and Sloane to the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport.   I am a native North Carolinian and the history of my state and the South is very much a part of my DNA.  So, I felt much enjoyment in Sloane and Jackson exploring the museum's broad array of memorabilia, artifacts and pirate lore.

Jackson loved the museum's vintage periscope where he spied Bald Head Island

The NC Maritime Museum communicates the romantic quality of Southern Seamanship 

Sloane takes the wheel

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