Monday, October 20, 2014

Wegmans saves the day for Mark and Lynn....

Lynn and I recently returned from Wilmington, NC and though we had a good time there we had rather miserable experiences driving in both directions.  The one bright spot for us was the discovery of Wegmans in Frederick, Maryland.  Lynn had been familiar with the store when she lived Upstate, NY and experienced the first rate groceries, produce, wine and so on.  The store in Frederick had a great, inexpensive wine selection (where I picked up a couple of Charles Smith reds) and, to our relief, great prepared food with Asian, Indian, Vegetarian selections and so on both hot and cold.  The staff was mostly young, attractive and competent giving an impression of being a more genial, folksy version of Whole Foods.  Unfortunately, there are no Wegman's very near us (the closest one is about 75 miles from us in NJ).  We frequently go upstate so perhaps we can stock up and enjoy the comfort and variety of this, our new favorite supermarket....


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