Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mrs. London's in Saratoga Springs warms up chilly Mark and Lynn....

Lynn and I were in the Saratoga Springs area over the weekend where we got our first real taste of the bitterness of winter in the Northeast.  Despite the plunging temperatures we found mostly good cheer in Upstate New York with the Holiday spirit still strong and noticeable.

One of the most comforting and cheerful places we have traditionally visited has been the venerable Mrs. London's which is situated in the middle of town on Main Street.  Lynn and I have gone there several times over the years and I have meant to make mention of them on this site but have not gotten around to it (until now of course).

The interior is worn yet elegant with playful touches such as a funny Maurice Sendak print.  We had just eaten and it was the rare occasion that we weren't hungry. I did need a boost of energy so one of the charming young women whipped up an espresso as black as ink that gave me the fortitude to get a second wind after a long day of doing hot yoga and drinking negronis....

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