Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mark and Lynn revel in the weirdness of Bjork at the MOMA

Bjork, Post 1995 Credit: Photography by Stephane Sednaoui-Image courtesy of Wellhart Ltd. &One Little Indian
Lynn and I took  a visit to the MOMA last week to see not only the Bjork exhibit but several of the other exhibits including the recently closed Modern Photographs from the Thomas Walther Collection, 1909-1949 which Lynn particularly enjoyed and was as crowded as the Bjork exhibits.  

The Bjork exhibit has met with some mixed reviews, but to my mind many of these reviews read more like personal attacks on Chief Curator Klaus Biesenbach.  It is no news flash that Bjork is both a great and diverse artist but also an acquired taste.  Lynn and I went with the weirdness of it.  What particularly surprised me was the realization of Bjork's innate screen charisma.  The camera loves her and it was fun to revisit her videos which draw from a variety of influences including big screen musicals and early avant garde experimental cinema.  

The exhibit closes June 7.  Love it or hate it it's well worth seeing. 

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