Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mark and Lynn love Amelia Freer's Cauliflower Pizza....

For Lynn, the cookbook of the season so far is Amelia Freer's Eat, Nourish, Glow.  Ms. Freer, a Nutritional Therapist focuses in her book on how to detox your pantry, recognize the difference between good and bad fats as well as how to banish sugar and wheat from your diet.  Lynn has made a number of recipes from the book having recieved it only a couple of weeks ago.  Thus far, our favorite is the Cauliflower Pizza pictured above.  It is vegan and uses coconut oil, cauliflower as a crust and brown rice flour.  It looked and tasted so much like a traditional pizza that I warily hopped on the scale the next morning and to my surprise my weight stayed the same.  This should be a staple with us through the summer; filling and hearty but easy on the waistline....

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