Friday, October 2, 2015

Mark and Lynn take in the Great South Bay's great brews and sporting activities...

Lynn and I had seen the eye catching graphics of The Great South Bay Brewery in Bay Shore, NY for several years now at various grocery stores in our area and I had made a mental note that Lynn and I should go to the brewery and sample some of their wares at the source.  We recently were able to check this off of our "list" as we ventured to the brewery's tasting room with friends from Bay Shore who were familiar with the place.

The tasting room was cavernous, but felt somehow cozy with the positive energy of those gathered to have fun and of course the potent social lubricant aspect of beer.  Our friends recommended the Kismet Saison which had a taste reminiscent of late summer.  I had a Blood Orange Pale Ale which had perfectly balanced notes of orange (not always the case in our tasting other "blood orange" brews) and a particularly unique Black Sour Ale appropriately called "Devil's Deed" which, with its combination of sweet and sour resembled more a complex wine like Pinot Noir rather than a traditional familiar dark beer like Guinness.

We endeavored to be sporting while there and had a tense, action packed game of cornhole with our friends using the GSB's customized cornhole set.  GSB has great beer and a great atmosphere....

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