Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mark and Lynn (plus Jackson and Sloane) unwind at the Marina in Revere....

Lynn and I had our grandchildren and we were staying in Revere where we happened upon a charming, seemingly family oriented restaraunt called The Marina at the Wharf.  For our taste, the fare very Italian oriented which is not something we traditionally gravitate towards.  Having said that, we really enjoyed our meal.  I particullarly enjoyed the Fried Calamari which had nice heat and flavor.  Lynn's grilled Salmon had nice texture and had a rich taste due in part to the dill butter.
They also whipped up a nice Negroni for me which was doubly impressive since there was some question about what that drink consisted of.

The atmosphere was great with our seating having a great view of the Marina.  The staff was very warm and attentive.


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