Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mark and Lynn take in "A Clean Well Lighted Place" at Sand City Brewing Company...

Lynn and I aren't big beer enthusiasts but we always are curious about educating ourselves and developing our palette.  To this end, Lynn and I met our good friends and "beer nerds" (only way to put it) at one of Long Island's newest (about a month old) brewing companies, Sand City Brewing Co. in Northport, Long Island.  We met there in the early afternoon and had a nice sampler of their offerings of which our faves were "Ryes and Tide" (my fave) and the Breakfast Stout (Lynn's fave).  The Ryes and Tide had low alcohol and a sweet flavor complemented with some bite.  The Breakfast Stout was, to our mind, very complex and dark with chocolate notes along with some coffee flavors intermingled; would be a great pairing with chocolate or beef.

The interior of the place was very cheerful, the Jets game was on, people were in a good mood.  I couldn't help but think that Sand City reminded me of Hemingway's "A Clean Well Lighted Place."


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