Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Water Cafe at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston is a pleasant surprise for Mark and Lynn...

Lynn and I (and our grandchildren Jackson and Sloane) took in the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.  We had long wanted to check this innovative and interestingly curated museum out and finally the opportunity presented itself on a recent cold and overcast weekend in October.

To our surprise, the Museum had a first rate cafe, called The Water Cafe, where we had a really spectacular lunch overlooking the Harbor.  I had a succulent Atlantic Salmon crudo with jalapeno mint and sea salt.  Lynn had a fall-centric dish of local butternut squash, baby greens, apple and pomegranate which had a nice combination of flavor and texture.  I had a bracing French rose which warmed me up on this dank afternoon. .

Our grandchildren really loved their go to dish; chicken fingers and chips.  Truth be told, it was the best chicken fingers I have ever eaten...


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