Thursday, January 7, 2016

Singing the praises of Torso Lingerie Studio (yet again)...

Lingerie is a subject mostly  uncharacteristic to our site.  However, as much as we focus on food/spirits/wine and the like we like to think of this site as a reflection of our experiences and interests.  So, in that spirit we feel obliged to sing the praises of Torso Lingerie Studio in Ballston Spa (not far from Saratoga Springs).  There is little doubt in our mind that Torso is the most fashionable outpost in Upstate.  The pieces are expertly curated by the sublimely warm and chic owner Deborah; indeed, most of the studio's pieces come off are works of art with their sculptural quality, silhouettes and sensual shapes and textures.  I have found Lynn great stuff there for years and this weekend Lynn managed to find some beautiful pieces to inject her wardrobe with some sensuous  energy to combat the letdown after the holidays....


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