Monday, December 5, 2016

Pierre's Market in Sagaponack brings high end picnic food to the fore....

Pierre s Market in Sagaponack took over the rustic space of the old Sagg General a little less than a year ago.  The result is a charming, sleek and even sexy outpost that hums in the summer being near the beach and having great food and drink perfect for a beach picnic. 

The fall and winter of course brings a noticeable and pleasant slow down of the pace of life on the East End of Long Island. And, as a result, Lynn and I have enjoyed getting lunch at Pierre's on several occasions when we weren't sure what we wanted but wanted something thoughtfully and well prepared that wasn't a fortune. We are especially fond of the duck salad which is a particular treat when we are starved and desperate for something delicious.

We also get a kick out of occassionally running into Pierre himself (a giveaway is his rakish yellow coupe parked outside-impossible to miss!).  He is always charming and warm.

The young staff are also attractive and sweet natured no matter how busy the market might be.

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