Monday, March 27, 2017

Toro Tapas & Tequila makes a great first impression....

Toro is a new Tapas and Tequila venue just off the main drag in Patchogue.  We had noticed it a couple of times, but it is off our usual routes so we ended up making a special point to try it with friends.  Simply put, Lynn and I were blown away.  We stuck to their inventive tapas menu where highlights were a savory brussel sprout dish with cheese finished with a hint of aromatic oil ("Coles De Brusellas") and smoky  peppers that has just the right amount of seasoning and heat.  We also savored lightly breaded fish croquettes with a lemon aoli ("Croquetas De Pescado").

 The service and atmosphere was sublime as well.  We have returned already on a couple of occasions as this place is quickly becoming one of our local favorites.


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