Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mark and Lynn visit Wilmington's Rx again...

The food scene in my hometown Wilmington is hit and miss from our perspective.  This is particularly true in the downtown area which has a lot of energy and a thriving night life but sees a lot of establishments come and go.  One of the more established restaurants in downtown is Rx whose name is a call back to the building's previous history as a pharmacy.  We had eaten there a couple of times during a visit a few years ago and were pleasantly surprised that it still was around as many established Wilmington eateries (Catch, Cafe Phoenix, Deluxe) had shuttered within the last few years.  

The menu tends to be heavy in the way a lot of Southern cooking tends to be heavy with a lot of fried foods, pork and sauces. Much of Rx's offerings are locally sourced which is great, however the menu has a too cute affectation with regard to identifying these sources (e.g. "Stefan's Heirloom Tomatoes") which Lynn and I found mildly annoying. Despite the comfort food leanings of the menu Lynn and I found the okra fries a great starter with a light, almost tempura battering.

We did manage to get a nice Tuna Tartare which was a surprise considering the comfort food loaded menu.  The bar also made me a nice negroni without batting an eye.  The wait staff and hostess were great.  Very attentive and poised even on a busy Saturday night.


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