Friday, September 29, 2017

Mark and Lynn try to keep that Summer Silly Lily feeling going into Fall...

We have enjoyed our introduction to Silly Lily Fishing Station (located on Moriches Bay) immensely this summer.  Jay and Steve, the owners have created a great venue with a witty, retro appeal that is irresistible and intoxicating. Lynn and I went there at least once a week this summer to eat at the onsite LC Barbecue food truck; have a glass of wine or beer; and to shop the Early Girl  Farmer's Market on the weekends.  Besides this, there are Boat, Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard rentals.  There is a great vintage pinball machine there and corn hole to be had. 
Now that fall is in full swing there is a sense of some of the summer activity shifting.  Still, Jay and Steve have indicated that they will try to stay open as far into fall and early winter as possible.  This bodes well for keeping the summer feeling alive a little longer....

The Happy Cappuccino in Schenectady makes Mark wax nostalgic...

On a recent visit to Schenectady, NY I had a few minutes to kill as Lynn was getting her makeup done for our friend's wedding.  I strolled across the street from our hotel where I stumbled onto a small, bohemian coffee shop which transported me back to the 90's with its alternative vibe, chess playing patrons,  attractive staff (in an avant-garde way) and the perfumed savory smell of coffee. I had a quick shot of espresso to get me over my afternoon slump which was inky and had a piquant aroma.  Great to find this Upstate gem and will try to make a point of going back to soak in some of the (for me) nostalgic vibe.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mark and Lynn wind down the summer at Greenport Harbor Brewing....

Lynn and our friends who are hardcore beer aficionados made a Labor Day trek to Greenport Harbor Brewing (there are two locations-we went to the tasting room in Peconic).  I had tasted a lot at Jamesport Brewery earlier in the day so I decided to take it easy at GHB.  I only had a pint of the wonderfully named "Devil's Plaything" which was an IPA uniquely infused with Thai Chili and Guajillo (this brew a collaboration with Michelin Star awarded April Bloomfield of The Spotted Pig and The Breslin for her new restaurant Salvation Taco). 

Predictably, the scene was raucous but somehow civilized.  There were a lot of families enjoynig themselves playing games of corn hole and super size jenga.  We look forward to returning and trying some of the breweries other offerings which seem particularly interesting such as the Mine De Fleurs which is a Grissette (similar to a Saison as I understand) infused with Lavender and Hibiscus.... M&L

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mark and Lynn get wistful about Early Girl Farm...

Lynn and I had discovered the farmstands for Early Girl Farm (one located in East Moriches-one in Bellport) and quickly fell in love with the great and interesting produce grown by the farm over the loving and watchful eye of Patty Gentry who owns and operates EGF.  Lynn and I became particularly enchanted with Patty's poetic emails about what was being grown on the farm. 

As much as anything we were impressed with the pure visual poetry of the Early Girl offerings.  Everything was beautiful and was intoxicating for us on an aesthetic level.  

 Sadly, Early Girl's farmstand season ended in late August.  The memories of their wonderful bounty reamains strong in our food loving souls... M& L

Great Flats Brewery in Schenectaday impresses Upstate...

On our recent trip to Schenectady in Upstae New York we happened upon Great Flats Brewing.  I had actually noticed the place earlier in the day as it was conveniently situated next to the Yoga Studio that I managed to get to a couple of times over our out of town weekend. 

We had a flight of their offerings of which we particularly enjoyed "Summer in Schenectady" which was a Saison that was crisp and refreshing on an unseasonably warm Upstate New York Saturday (the "Great Flats IPA" the lowest alcohol offering that day was equally refreshing but with some appealing notes of pine).

. In addition, the intereior, with its clean lines and open space was chic and cheerful; a counterpoint to some breweries which produce great beer but are lacking in atmosphere and aesthetics.  The staff was helpful in explaining some of the selections to us and amiable even on a busy afternoon perfect for drinking beer.

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