Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Greenport Jerky raises the Jerky bar on Long Island....

Time was beef jerky was a kind of throwaway food; something you might get in a convenience store or gas station; an afterthought.  Much more recently Beef Jerky has gone the Artisinal route with carefully crafted, locally sourced, responsibly made beef jerky.  A great, local (to us) example of this is the Greenport Jerky Company out of Greenport, NY on Long Island.  We found them at the Hallockville Museum in Riverhead where they were selling their product on an August weekend.  We got the Whisky Beef Jerky which tasted like you would imagine; peppery and sweet with a nice finish.  We look forward to trying the many other offerings including Black Pepper and Sea Salt as well as the Gluten Free Jerky.

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