Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Riverhead's sublime Barrow Food House is a permanent part of Mark and Lynn's Sunday Routine...

The Barrow Food House in Riverhead has become our go to lunch place for the year.  First and foremost is the food which is sublime.  A favorite of mine are the charred greens which is memorably flavored with tamari, nooch and sunflower seeds lending an exotic vibe to this appetizer.  Equally impressive are the Duck Wings marinated in tamarind and passion fruit which Lynn has become enamored of.  

Equally impressive are the mixology skills of our adroit bartender Dan.  He has a great and even theatrical way with putting a cocktail together and is always interested in introducing us to a new concoction or spirit.

We have tried many other items on the menu and have been impressed with the Smash Burger; the hand fries and the Kale and Avocado salad.  Everytime we visit we are wowed yet again...

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